my life up there! 

my life up there! 

so I emailed amiami a couple days ago saying hi I’m going to pay for these items just give me a couple more days and they were like lol better hope it’s soon cause we don’t know when your order will be cancelled!!!

and today

my order was cancelled :) 


Sailor Saturn officially announced + details:

10 | 4月 | 2014 | メディコス・エンタテインメント 公式サイト

ahhh…I’m honestly really disappointed that the bishoujo freddy has that transluscent type hair…it looks really awful on most figures and pretty much kills the hype for me


One Piece - Bellamy the Hyena - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates “Sailing Again” - Megahouse 
Release Date: July 2014

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don’t send me an email that says “you have seven days to pay this” and then imply that four days is past the payment due date lmfao go to hell amiami I’m waiting to get paid so I can give you your money for plastic toys


Protótipo Cleo de Nile - I Love Fashion